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Private Tuition - About Me

My name is Eleanor Erskine I have been a qualified teacher since 2011. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in film studies, a certificate in 'preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector', a post-graduate certificate in teaching and I have qualified teaching and learning status (QTLS).

I am passionate about learning and feel that everyone has the potential to achieve. I can tailor a pupil's learning needs accordingly and I feel that this could be a huge advantage for a pupil who needs a little extra support.

Having a tailored tutor whose teaching is personal to them can significantly improve their learning whilst at School /College or University.


My previous teaching experiences have included whole class teaching for GCSE and A-Level pupils. In addition to this I have also taught one to one with SEN pupils (special educational needs). The subjects and modules I have taught at GCSE level have included; screenwriting, media and citizenship studies. The subjects I have taught at A-Level include; film studies and media studies. My experiences with SEN pupils include those who have had hearing difficulties, dyslexia, retention/concentration difficulties, ADHD, and those who have had some underlying comprehension difficulties.

I have knowledge and experience in phonetic and visual learning techniques. In addition to key stage 1 and 2 I also teach key stage 3 and 4, college/sixth form students as well as adult education.

During 2011 and 2012 I assisted in the learning support of some KS1 and 2 pupils in two local primary schools.